whole being coaching for coaches, leaders and business


I am so glad and so thankful to be here, and overjoyed you have found me. 

I am MischalaJ, a divine new creature in Christ Jesus, covered by His Blood and provided for in His Name, made good despite all my human failures and shortcomings.  Humbly and happily offering my services and love for Him to you.  May my work be a gentle, uplifting, kind, powerful nudge for you to shift, to turn, to walk and work in the right direction too.

If you're tired of the old ways and seeking the new, I am here to help you.  If you're feeling lost and burdened by the ways of the world, despite your own deep love for God and all that He is, I am here to help with that too.

There is a better way, and I am walking and working it day by day.  It's amazing, unexpected, yet feels like home.  If you are looking for your safe haven out from the storm, you have found it.

My physical space is quiet, tranquil, regenerating and contained.  The energy of the space between us if we work virtually or over the phone or in a venue of your choosing, will contain the same deep peace, understanding and compassion that does the work, too.  I bring these with me, wherever I go.

My role is to give you hope, encouragement, wisdom and inspiration to be the future person you have always been divinely designed and completely destined to be. 

If you're here, and you're feeling that tug toward authentic, humble service and greatness that just won't go away, welcome.  To be of genuine Kingdom service and Heavenly lay ministry is the most fulfilling work I have ever done, and I would be happy to encourage and support you in your soul's calling toward God's Light and Ways.  My work takes many forms, but at its heart is Jesus, the Love of our Lord, and the incredibly almightily powerful Holy Spirit of Truth. Guiding, enlightening, healing, correcting, gently making me more of Him and less of the old, completing His Good Works in me, and is us all.

If you're here because life has been really tough on your heart, your mind, your body, your spirit, your soul, welcome too.  If you're here because you desperately need a break from the world, welcome, welcome, welcome.  And if you're here because the world has left you in need of some healing, a safe space and sanctuary is available for that to happen too.  Christ promises us healing through His Stripes, our faith, our belief in Him.  Everyday I experience what it is to be in Him, and to be redeemed and made whole again. Of sound mind, pure heart, renewed spirit, One in Him.

We are all One in Him, and the healing we do for each other we also do for ourselves and everyone else making u the whole Body of God.  After years of being in the trenches of this world, both business and personal, surviving and then gently shifting into thriving, I am able to be your very human-yet-divinely-empowered guide and support.

There is a map of the territory we can draw out together, to make finding your way much easier.  There are several paths to choose from, and you are in control of all of your own choices.  Together, we are able to look deeply into the path that your soul is seeking in order to take it higher, and you will be left informed, empowered and equipped to decide the best route for you.  You do not have to walk this path alone.

I tailor whole being experiences in Kingdom Life for individuals, executives, couples, families, business partners, teams and organisations to help you gently move through what you need to, see what you need to see more clearly, and become the lasting change you're longing for, sustainably.  It will shift your focus completely toward loving God and others, moving into His Kingdom, His Love, His Grace full time, being completely filled with Light over time, the more you invite Him in.  And being that close and intimate with God, always, will make all the difference.

Your best life and abundantly good outcomes patiently await...there is a bright, beautiful future and divine plans just waiting for you to say yes.  Will you join me?