Hi and welcome all creatives,

professionals & heart-centred

business builders!

Are you excited

to be building your

own creative business? 

Or counting the days

to leave your corporate job

to begin this new


Are you just imagining

your next five to ten years

of creative business building as

super soulful, super gentle

& super successful too?

Yet you find yourself also feeling

a little unclear,

too alone & isolated,

a bit directionless & lost

or simply stuck without next steps


building your creative business...solo?

Are all the moving parts

a bit overwhelming

& often exhausting

& you'd really like to

not burn-out or lose your soul

like you did in corporate before?

There is a solution.

There is a way to simplify this.

There is a way where you don't have to do it all.

And there is a roadmap.

If you know if your heart

you need like-minded

heart-based creatives to

soundboard & test ideas with, you're in luck.

If you know you would love to feel

connected, seen, empowered & confident

as you develop

your most authentic vision

for your clients'

experiences & highest joy, we're here for you.

Whether you want to begin

signing up test clients

while working out the

practical aspects of

creative business building,

or you prefer a simple

tech & business roadmap upfront

to get everything organised

& customer-ready before you

open your

business doors,

you are in the driving seat.

Only now, you have guides.

And your own coaches.

And your own business community.

And genuine friendships

and support that

you'll have for life.


We help you come into 

creative community,

begin and continue making

real progress in your business

and in your life.

You may choose to design

your own personalised

Victory & Vitality Roadmap first,

or jump right in and design

as you go.

Either way, we provide regular

weekly group coaching

for you to implement

the simplest structures

you need to put your clients

at the centre

of your services

so they - and you - can flourish.

We teach evergreen thinking

& collaboration,

showing how synergy

develops over time

when resources & strengths

are shared generously & profitably.

Join Our

Creative Business Building

Community for the upcoming year

to transform

the way you build your business,

how you think about being a success

and how you provide

your gifts collaboratively

to your clients so they

receive more. 

Love online community & digital learning

and traveling too?

Why not also join our stunning VIP in-person Creative Business Building Oasis.

International creative coaching holidays that combine the best of what we do online with awesome new experiences in exciting locations. Boost your social media while having fun and making genuine progress too.

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Relaxing Retreats


Creative Business Building

working holidays in wonderful

international locations including

Paris and Provence, Spain, Mauritius

& the stunning Cape Town & Garden Route,

South Africa.

Growth Galaxy


Creative Business Builders

tired of working alone 


wanting encouragement, strengthening

clear steps and a roadmap

to grow

your business,

your customer base,

your profitability,

& your confidence

in every aspect of what you do

and who you are

in your life

& work.

This creative business building community

is for you if you are a heart-based

creative & professional,

including beginners and

soul-business builders,

who love to learn,

love to action what you learn,

want to gain real momentum &

are committed to

work with love and joy

in the Light.

It's probably not for you

if prayerfulness, mindfulness &

loving God make you uncomfortable.

And it's definitely not for you

if you're just in business

just to make a quick buck

or a lot of money, &

you're willing to sell

any old thing that

will help you do that. Just sayin'.

Oh, and it may not be for you

if you aren't up for

encouraging, strengthening

& uplifting others

on a regular basis.

We're all about

cultivating awesome relationships

& love to give more

than we receive.

We teach this as a core part

of business and it's a key intention

to ensure our individual &

collective success, with less stress

than self-centered &

inward-focused business



I am so glad you're here. 

May my work be a gentle, uplifting, kind, powerful nudge for you to shift, to turn, to walk and work in the right direction for your most passionate life calling.

If you're tired of the old and seeking new rhythms of ease and grace for your life and your life's work, these programs have been designed specifically to help you do just that.  If you're feeling lost, stifled and burdened by the ways of the traditional world, this work is here to help shift that for you too.

There is a better way, and you are able to make the changes to be walking and working it day by day.  It's amazing, unexpected, yet will feel like coming back to your true soul's home.  If you are looking for your safe haven out from the storm, and a way for you to shine and prosper, you have found it.

Learn to create inner spaciousness that is quiet, tranquil, regenerating and contained. From this place of peace, you will remember how to access and develop your wisdom, intuition and balance again. To find your natural wellspring of joy and delight, and to stand firm in the place and along the path your soul shines brightest for.

The energy of the online, downloadable Passion and Prosperity Journeys has been intended and designed to contain the same deep love, peace, encouragement, humility, joy, understanding and compassion that all my in-person and private work holds energetically, too.  I share these in all my work, wherever I am called to be.

The role of each stage in your own Joy-in-Jesus, Victory & Vitality, Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Journey is to give you hope, strength,  encouragement, wisdom and inspiration to be the fullest expression of the new creation you have been purposed and invited to be, in the wholeness of Jesus.  You will learn to build from His patterns of wisdom, to walk along His path of peace, rather than from worldly concepts and old, outdated versions of the former you. 

If you're here, and you're feeling that tug toward authentic, humble service and to abide in the greatness of Christ, a wholehearted welcome to you.  To be alive and well calls out our deepest courage and faithfulness, and with our singular focus on Jesus, we learn to have our whole bodies filled with the amazing, vitality-rich and radiant Light of our Lord.  Our work is to believe in Christ. Our privilege is to share our inheritance and gifts in ways that truly help others.  This is the most fulfilling work we can do, and I would be happy to encourage and support you in your soul's calling toward this joyful possibility. 

If you're here because life has been really tough on your heart, your mind, your body, your spirit, your soul, a deeply compassionate welcome to you too.  If you're here because you desperately need a break from the world, welcome, welcome, welcome.  May our Creative, Caring Community in Christ be the Oasis and tonic you need.

And if you're here because the world has left you in need of some healing, a safe space and sanctuary is available for that to happen too.  Spiritual strengthening and supportive, encouraging friendship is the basis of all coaching and counselling work done through Growth Galaxy.

After years of being in the trenches of this world, both business and personal, barely surviving, I was rescued! By Jesus!  After many years of learning, walking and being shown The Way with Jesus, I can attest to the deep changes and gently shifting inner and outer life Christ is creating in me. I am daily, little by little, being transformed into a thriving, joyful child of God. It is possible to be completely healed from within, in Christ. Together, we place our hope, faith, trust in Him. As we journey for our year together, I hope to share every possible ounce of treasure from my own life in Jesus, to help you as you learn, walk and work with Christ along your own path too.

There is a map of the territory that can be drawn out and lit up, from the Word, to make finding The Way much easier.  This work enables you to look as a child would, at the path that your soul is on, with love, curiosity, excitement, rejoicing and faith in Jesus. You will be more informed, empowered and equipped to keep walking the straight narrow path set before you.  You do not have to walk this path alone.

This work can be tailored for whole being, interactive experiences for individuals, executives, couples, families, business partners, teams and organisations, on request.

Every program is designed to add to your toolkit and abilities, to help and encourage you to gently but boldy move through what you need to, see what you need to see more clearly, and become the lasting change you're longing to be for Christ, and in Christ, sustainably. 

Choosing to commit to your own soul's unique divine calling and path to Christ will shift your focus completely toward more love and light and joy than you imagined possible.

Your best life and abundantly good outcomes patiently await...there is a bright, beautiful future and divine plans just waiting for you to say yes.  Will you join us today?